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Adler AD 4404cr Espresso machine

Can you imagine a day without an aromatic cup of coffee? You need caffeine to function effectively during the day? You do not have time to prepare some coffee latte in the morning and you do not like espresso? We have an ideal product for real coffee lovers! Espresso machine ADLER AD 4404 is a professional device for all amateurs of espresso, cappuccino or delicate latte. Espresso machine has high performance 15 bar pressure pomp

Camry CR 1111 Turntable with CD/MP3/USB/recording

We are presenting a genuine treat for music lovers! Music and old style enthusiasts will be impressed by the retro turntable CAMRY CR 1111. It is an ideal product for people who like to combine modern and old style in everyday objects. Especially people who appreciate the great sound of turntables! If you are one of the fans of vinyl records, but you also like modern sound CDs, and you want to have easy access to your favourite radio station, then you are in the right place!

Adler AD 3036 Waffle maker

In our opinion, you do not have to be a small child to appreciate the significance of a good waffle. This is one of the flavours associated with holidays and long walks by the sea, or pedestrian streets full of souvenir stalls. This is a type of dessert, which will surely please the youngest members of the family. When it is prepared at home with the right ingredients, it will work not only as a holiday breakfast! Or maybe you have a secret recipe for unsweet waffles? The waffle maker ADLER AD 3036 is a device that should be in the kitchen of every fan of this type of baking!