Blender Camry CR 4058

We present Blender Camry CR 4058. It is a very strong blender equipped with a glass mug. As you can see in the film is able to mix "Smoothie", which can not do a lot of blenders.

We recommend!

Coffee machine Adler AD 4404

Can not you imagine a day without an aromatic cup of coffee? Caffeine is needed for you to function effectively during the day? You do not have the time to prepare a latte in the morning and you do not like espresso? We have a perfect product for real coffee lovers! Coffee machine ADLER AD 4404 is a professional device for amateurs, espresso, cappuccino or delicate latte.

Adler AD 4617 Blender hand

The stick blender ADLER AD 4617 is an ideal product for people who are looking for high quality and easy-to-use in kitchen utensils. Do you want to make work in the kitchen easier? Our professional blender will allow you quickly and effortlessly prepare delicious fruit smoothie or vegetable paste for breakfast, soup or sauce for dinner or vegetable cocktail for supper. You do not have to invest in complicated kitchen equipment and deal with confusing instructions! Thanks to our solution, all you need is a few minutes and you can enjoy a healthy snack!