Adler AD 8153 Scale personal mechanical


The mechanical bathroom scale with an analogue display ADLER AD 8153 is the perfect product for people who like traditional and reliable solutions. The classic design, high quality and ease of use are the biggest advantages of this model! And what is more, to use this scale you do not need any batteries. Certainly, it is an interesting addition to the bathroom equipment for people who care about their weight and health!

  • Capacity: 180k
  • Accuracy: 1000 g
  • Size of scale: 45.4 x 32.5 x 9.5 cm
  • Easy to use
  • High qualit

The mechanical personal scale ADLER AD 8153 is a product that responds to the needs of people who care about their good health and form. Its biggest asset is that it is really easy to use. Moreover, the high quality of elements will guarantee long-term usage! Additionally, you do not need to remember about the necessity of replacing or charging the battery. You do not need to worry that the display will break or you will crack or scratch the delicate covering! What more can you want?

The problem of heavyweight

What distinguishes our product on the market is definitely the capacity of 180 kg! In addition, a large display with clear digits makes it easier to read the weight measurement. This product is ideal for older people. Just put it on a hard and flat surface and you can use it. In addition, the 1 kg scale and the accuracy up to 1000 g ensure precision of all weight measurements.

Interesting solution for every bathroom

The interesting design of the scale and its small size make the scale look good in every bathroom. If you want to store it in the cabinet, you will not have problems with it - it will fit anywhere! The non-slip cover ensures the safety of the usage for the elderly and small children. The cleverly hidden knob allows quick calibration of the device. This is definitely a good solution if you are looking for a reliable and good quality scale!

Product availability dostępny
EAN code 5902934830508
Net weight kg 3.06
Gross weight kg 0
Size of the unit box WxDxH 48.4 x 11.8 x 33.9
Carton dimensions WxDxH 50.4 x 36 x 25.2
Number of products in a carton 2
Number of products in a pallet 0