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slow Juicer

CR 4120

To balance your diet and provide yourself with vitamins, instead of taking diet supplements, you can give yourself all those healthy substances in a form of tasty, colourful home-made juice, rich in nutritional values. It will be up to you how to compose it, choosing from fruits and vegetables that can be turned into a juice – for an energizing beginning of a day, light lunch, beverage for a child or healthy drink during (or after) a party. CR4120 slow juicer extracts more juice than high-speed juice extractors thanks to its efficient extracting system, it has container for both the juice and the pulp. Working slowly, it preserves the full and unique taste of the ingredients. It will disturb neither you nor the others (e.g. if you’re preparing a juice for an early breakfast and the others are still sleeping), since it operates very quietly. The device is equipped with a handy carrying handle. It is also easy to dissemble and, therefore, easy to clean. Additionally the cleaning is also facilitated by the included brush.

  • Power 150 W
  • Rotational speed 70 - 80 RPM
  • A wide opening for fruits and vegetables
  • Reverse gear - REVERSE function
  • Very quiet operation below 65dBv
  • Squeezes 95% fruit juice
  • Snail designed to perfectly crush and squeeze juice
  • All elements made in BPA FREE technology - do not contain harmful Bisphenol A
  • Silicone brushes reducing the clogging of the sieves
  • Juice and pulp container
  • Housing made of stainless steel
  • NODROPE system
  • Easy and quick cleaning
  • Protection against switching on when incorrectly installed
  • Protection against overheating of the engine

Slow squeezing

In the slow-speed CAMRY Premium juicer, the juice is ready for use. Slow rotation means that the juice is not effective, so you can get more information. The speed of 80 minutes per minute is best for cutting healthy juices. The careful extrusion technology extracts at least 95% of vegetable or fruit juice. As a result of the exact extrusion is extruded from fruits and vegetables are affiliated.

Healthy and full of vitamins

You can easily squeeze apple juice, pear, citrus fruit, soft fruit, vegetable juice, beetroot, and - in short for ... juicer - vegetable vegetables, herbs (nettle, mint, basil juice) and germ.

Due to the fact that the products are not used, they can not be eliminated. The content of the crushed cellular structures of the products that the CAMRY juices are essential, filling and have an increased dose of fiber, which has an invaluable effect on life. Cold pressed juices retain longer water compared to juices.

Safety of use

The highest quality of materials used in the CAMRY juicer are safe for health. Containers for juice and snail were made in BPA technology, which does not affect the juice flavor. The simple construction of the juicer makes it easier to do the same thing and at the same time makes it less than a minute. CAMRY squeezer for the whole device for everyday squeezing of popular juices. The non-stick stopper will prevent the juice from dripping onto the worktop. Quiet work allows you to cut yourself out in the morning as well as in the evening as the family members are asleep.

  • Manual
  • Juice and pulp container
  • Pusher
  • Cleaning brush

Product availability available
EAN code 5908256839496
Net weight kg 4.9
Gross weight kg 5.6
Size of the unit box WxDxH 0 x 0 x 0
Carton dimensions WxDxH 38.5 x 33.5 x 34
Number of products in a carton 1
Number of products in a pallet 30
KGO 0.89