Mesko MS 4805 Meat mincer

Traditional and amazingly easy to use meat grinder Mesko MS 4805 is extremely useful if you appreciate homemade sausages and ground meat. It can also help you prepare tasteful traditional Christmas poppy seed cake.

  • Power: 600 W
  • Max power: 1500W
  • 2 gears:
    • forward
    • revers
  • 3 sieves
    • middle size sieve
    • mince sieve
    • poppy sieve
  • plunger
  • sausage filler

Simplicity and usefulness

Most probably you will not need any instructions to find out how to use the grinder but the instruction book is included in scope of delivery anyway. The grinder is easy not only to use but also to be disassembled and cleaned. All the elements which touch the meat are made of high quality steel and the external unit made of plastic has an esthetic, elegant, white design.

Choosing the meat grinder MS 4805 you get three different ways of grinding as it is equipped with three cutting sieves. The smallest one is used to grind poppy seedsetc, the second and the third sieves have larger holes and are perfect to prepare homemade sausage or meatballs. Moreover, additional accessories like a plunger and a sausage filler are also included in the set.

Easy to operate

You can use the grinder both forward as well as backward. The power of grinding can also be regulated. If you are interested in preparing the special kind of sausages called ‘kibbe’, you simply use the accessory included in the scope of delivery. The model was design as extremely simple and useful. If you want to impress your guests with healthy and delicious homemade sausages and ground meat that are not available in markets, the solid meat grinder Mesko MS 4805 with 1500W of power is a perfect choice for you!

  • Manual
  • 3 sieves
  • middle size sieve
  • mince sieve
  • poppy sieve
  • plunger
  • sausage filler
Product availability available
UNIT EAN code 5908256835849
CTNS EAN code CTNS 5902934833974
CN code 85098000
UNIT Net weight kg 2.55
UNIT Gross weight kg 3.17
UNIT Size of the box WxDxH 29 x 25 x 25
UNIT BOX volume (m3) 0.018125
CTN Gross weight kg 9.51
CTN dimensions WxDxH 29.5 x 77.5 x 26.5
CTN volume (m3) 0.060586
QTY in container 20' / 40' / 40'HQ 1434 / 1434 / 3586
Recycling type 5
Battery type
Battery quantity pcs.
One battery weight
Packaging Cardboard kg 0.536
Packaging Plastic kg 0.025
Manual weight kg 0.059

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