Hair dryer with diffuser Adler AD 2244

Hair dryer with diffuser Adler AD 2244 is designed for demanding users carrying about hair appearance. The hair dryer with exchangeable two tips enables speedy and various hair styling. Possess regulation of the blow power including cool blow. In the set are concentrator and diffuser. The ION functions helps in hair fed and reduction their electrification. The hair dryer possess modern appearance, silent AC engine , power of 2000W, 3m length solid power cord.
The hair dryer offers number of advantages, which makes that that is popular among consumers. Here is few of them:
Durability and reliability: The customers often highlights their durability and reliability, that means that can be used for many years.
Multifunction: : The hair dryer offers various modes of drying for different kinds of hairs from sensitive up to abundant.
Easiness of usage: This device is praised for intuitive settings, easiness of usage, agronomy, stable seat of diffuser and concentrator, solid made.
Silent operation: That operate relatively silent in compare to other hair dryers. The noise source is in their is the noise of the air stream, but not the engine operation.

The hair dryer enables: drying, modeling and creating curls, arrangement of thicker waves, increasing the volume, straightening of hairs, drying and modeling hair simultaneously using the brush.

The hair dryer enables creating various hair styling:
Drying of hair:
Combine various direction of hair dryer position around the head, ways of shape hair and kinds of used tips. You can obtain this way various effects in hair styling.
Curly hair:
Separate the strain of hair. Put this in between diffuser studs. Put closer to the head skin of the diffuser which is put on the hair dryer with turned on blow of less warm air. The diffuser surface with air outlet holes should be perpendicularly to the styled strand of hair. Finish the styling turning of the cool air blow.
The hair blown with gentle wind:
Slightly twist the hair dryer with put on the diffuser. You obtain effect of dispelled and lifting hair.
Volume at the base:
To add the volume at the base dry out at the base hair lifted up with hand
More speedy hairstyling:
The hair dryer with put on the concentrator ensures more speedy hair styling by strong stream of hot air.

Usage of the hair dryer Adler AD 2244 and hair brush let to do various hair styling. Here is a few proposals:

  • Smooth and straight hair: Use the flat brush at time of drying to smooth hair and shape them straight view.
  • Natural waves: At time of drying curl individual strain of hair using round brush to create soft, natural waves.
  • Volume at the base: Use the round brush. To add the volume at the base wind only the hair roots on the brush holding that horizontally. You obtain lifting effect.
  • Emphasizing the curl of curls: If you possess naturally curled hair you can use the diffuser attached to the hair dryer. You can emphasize the curls curl and than comb hair gently using fingers or the brush.
  • Finishing of the tips: For smooth finishing of the hair tips direction the stream of the warm air down at time of drying. Gently style hair tips using the brush.
  • Effect of "Beach Waves": Following drying hair you can create loose waves. Twist hair strands and warm them up with the hair dryer. Then gently comb them. You obtain informal appearance.

The hair dryer housing, concentrator and diffuser are made of black, mat ABS material. The cool air button, elements on the sides of the housing and cover of air outlet are made of material in gold pink color.
In hair dryer handle designed switches setting its operation:

  • the lower three position switch turning on the blow intensity
    0 - turned off, I - medium blow, II - strong blow
  • the middle switch of heating level
    I - do not heat, II - medium heating, III - large heating
  • the upper button of cool blow

The hair dryer is equipped in two tips:

That concentrates the air stream: Concentrating the air blow ensures speedy drying hairs and precise styling.
Facilitating the styling: Allows to precise direction the air stream. This facilitates styling and hair modeling.
Reduction flying hair: Helps to reduce crumbling hair effect at time of drying.
Increase effectiveness: Concentrating the air stream increases drying effectiveness, especially at part of hair modeling

Large rotational diffuser
This is equipped in rotational head with waving tips, which disperse air stream to evenly dry and model thick and abundant hair adding the volume. On the diffuser head are sixteen waving tips with height of 3 cm. Eight outer with two air outlet gaps and eight inner with three air outlet gaps.
The large rotational diffuser offers following attitudes:
Even distribution of warm: Helps in even warm distribution which is beneficial for sensitive, thin and curled hair.
Adds the volume: Ideal for adding the volume, especially at roots of hair.
Reduces risk of dryness: Protects hair against dryness for saving their health and shine.

The diffuser additionally is equipped in rubber guides keeping that stable on the hair dryer at time of drying.

The hair dryer is equipped in ION function. The function is to emit negative ions. The negative ions possess a few beneficial for hair properties:

The ION function in the hair dryer this is method, that supports maintenance of healthy, smooth and shine hair, minimizing effects coupled with excessive hair electrification. The ION function works all the time following turning on the hair dryer.

Three degree temperature regulation ensures:

Cool blow in the hair dryer offers a few of advantages: Two degree power of blow regulation offers:

The AC engine, the engine of alternating current possess a few advantages:

Non-slip rubber foot on the side of the hair dryer housing ensures convenient put off the hair dryer.

The three meter length, professional power cored in the hair dryer enables:

The air outlet at the hind of the hair dryer. That protects against getting into hair dryer of hair and other contaminations.

Inside the giftbox of the hair dryer Adler AD 2244 there are well fixed for transportation hair dryer, concentrator, diffuser and user manual in 27 languages of countries in which the appliance is sell.

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