Blender personal Camry CR 4069

Modern, in white-green colors, Prepare and drink. Using it everyone can easily do delicious smoothie, which could be taken with in convenient way.

Housing of appliance base containing motor is made of white plastic material. Side walls of housing are made of plastic material in green color. While the arrow marking the on/off button installed in upper part of housing is in blue color.

The blender is equipped with two cups with a capacity of 600 ml and 470 ml made of transparent plastic material. Two cups covers with a convenient spouts designed for drinking and plug are made of green plastic material. Cup base is made of green plastic material and is equipped with 4-bladed stainless steel knife.

It is possible to connect motor containing part of appliance with:

The blender has been equipped with 4-bladed stainless steel knife. Knife consist of two blades designed upwards and two blades designed downwards. They cuts and blends both soft and hard products exceptionally well. Shape of blades combined with available space within containers for grinding guarantee getting homogenous mass using cut into larger pieces and layered products.

Cup establishing on the base containing blades is possible by twisting it. Cup with screwed base equipped with blades can be installed on the base that contains motor and slightly twist to the right. Safety connection ensures 4 hitches. Securely fixed operation of the device provide 3 rubber suckers.

Energy saving motor with power 500W and blades made of stainless steal ensure silent as well as convenient use. It is possible to use one blending speed which can be started up by pressing the button mounted at part of appliance containing motor.

Convenient grinding of fresh vegetables and fruits make available the cups made of transparent plastic material with capacity 600 ml and 470 ml which can be used interchangeably. Vertical ribs on side walls of the cups improve mixing, grinded products become more homogenous. They increase also the cups resistance.

All attached covers and base equipped in blades are fitted in the same threads. It enables alternately screwing of all elements on both cups.

Securely screwed covers equipped with plugged spout enabled drinking of prepared smoothie always where you need to take it with you using the same cup like for grinding.

Both cups are equipped in green, rubberized rings around their upper part. They enable convenient and stable holding of the cups. Cups attachments are possible to put off.

Moreover blender can be used to produce soups, milkshakes, sauces, grinding meat, vegetables, fruit, as well as grating boiled ingredients for babies.


Inside the giftbox there are well fixed for transportation blender personal Camry CR 4069 and user manual in 26 languages of countries in which it is sell.

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