Air cooler 3 in 1 AD 7922 Adler
The multifunctional air conditioner AD 7922 performs 3 functions: cooling, humidifying and even air purification make it a great addition to any office and office space. The user can choose between 3 airflow speeds. The air conditioner has a built-in 6 l water tank, thanks to which it can efficiently humidify the air for many hours. Air cooler 3in1 is a device that will not only hydrate and cool the air but also clean it.

Dane techniczne

  • Air cooler
  • • Functions: cooling / purification / humidification
  • • LED touch panel
  • • Remote control
  • • 3 fan modes:
  • - Normal
  • - Natural
  • - Sleep
  • • Cooling function lowers the temperature by water pump operation and humidify the air at same time
  • • Air flow 220 m3 / hour
  • • Horizontal oscillation function 60°
  • • Timer 0,5-7,5 h
  • • 2 containers to fill up by water and freeze
  • • Water consumption 500ml/h
  • • Water level indicator
  • • 4 wheels
  • • Convenient carrying handle
  • • 6 liters water tank
  • • Power: 65W
  • • Maximum power 350W
  • • Voltage 220-240V ~ 50Hz
  • • Product size 30,0 x 27,0 x 74,0cm
  • • Noise level 53dB

Opis szczegółowy

When we spend a lot of time in our home, working in a home office, we realize how important proper hydration can be. Dry hands, irritated skin, static hair can be the result of too dry air. It is especially troublesome in the heating season, where high temperatures can aggravate this problem. On the other hand, in the warmer months, we look for the most effective methods to cool down rooms, when summer in the city takes its toll. How about combining these two issues and helping yourself by investing in one innovative solution? Air cooler 3in1 ADLER AD 7922 is a device that will not only hydrate and cool the air but also clean it.

Air quality matters

Daily, we do not realize the impact of being in rooms where the heating is on, as overhead lighting, we work on computers and watch TV. Only in the autumn and winter season, we notice that the skin on the face is more often dry, and the one on the hands sometimes even starts to crack. Static hair becomes a problem, which we blame on wearing hats. However, a large part of this predicament is the air quality in the rooms where we stay, work and sleep. If you want to ensure better conditions for you, skin and hair, it is worth getting interested in the air cooler 3in1. It is a device that will hydrate, cool and clean the air in your house and apartment at once. You do not have to use all the functions, but only set the parameters you currently need.

The air-cooler is perfect for home and apartment

The device not only looks stylish but also allows adjusting the settings to the individual needs of the user. The LED touch panel makes the regulation of the air cooler and its control very intuitive. The remote control allows you to adjust settings from a distance. And the horizontal oscillation feature distributes the air in waves rather than concentrating on a single point. Three fan modes include nighttime operation, which is very useful, as the air conditioner does not make a lot of noise working and summer nights can be stuffy and hot. The COOL function lowers the temperature by activating the water pump. There are two freezing containers in the device, and the manufacturer has specified the water consumption at 500 ml/hour. Water level indicator prevents overfilling the tank. A convenient carrying handle and four wheels allow to quickly transport the air cooler between rooms.

Zawartość pudełka

  • Instruction Manual
  • 4 wheels
  • Remote control (1xCR2025 3V included)

Dane logistyczne

Dostępność produktu available
Kod EAN 5902934839396
Kod CN 84158300
Waga netto 5.7
Waga brutto 9.651
Wymiary opakowania 36 x 80 x 36
Wymiary kartonu 36 x 80 x 36
Ilość sztuk w opakowaniu zbiorczym 1