Adler AD 6019 Bread maker - 15 Programs


I can confidently recommend to others. A large number of programs means that I can always adapt the bread baking to the needs. The container is easy to clean.

Bread maker Adler AD 6019 gives you the opportunity to make your own, fresh bread instead of buying it in the shop. If you miss the taste of ‘the real bread’ or you insist on making it from high quality ingredients, you can bake it comfortably at home.

Using the bread maker AD 6019 you can choose between 15 various programs of preparing dough and baking process. It is up to you if you want to bake a loaf of bread, make delicious marmalade or gain light and airy French bread –with AD 6019 any choice won’t be a problem. Enjoy the taste of fresh baked products which are made of your and your family’s favourite ingredients!

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  • 15 Program
  • Double metal stirrer
  • Removable baking basket
  • 850 W Power
  • Programs:
    • Basic Bread
    • French bread
    • Wholewheat bread
    • Sweet bread
    • Butter Bread
    • Gluten-free bread
    • Fast growing bread
    • Dough
    • Kneading
    • Yeast dough
    • Pasta dough
    • Yogurt
    • James
    • Baking
    • Home made. (According to your own recipe)
    • Plug type: E/F

We do not think you need to convince anyone about the superiority of the taste of home-made bread over the bread from the store. When preparing baked goods at home, we control their size, ingredients and degree of browning. Do you appreciate the aroma of bread spreading around the house during baking? Do you love the taste of still warm slices, on which the butter dissolves? We recommend the bread maker ADLER AD 6019 thanks to which in a few moments you will prepare an aromatic bread for the whole family!

Interesting solution for enthusiasts of healthy eating!

The bread machine is equipped with two kneading blades, which ensure an exact mixture of ingredients. Numerous solutions used here make using this device a pleasure! You can choose the size of a loaf (from 1000 to 1500g) and choose the colour of the skin, i.e. the degree of browning. Inside there is a removable baking dish with a non-stick coating that makes it easier to remove the already baked loaf. Additional functions such as maintaining the temperature or a delayed start enable you to control the baking process. The lid has a window through which you can observe the process. What is more, the device has an LCD display and buttons in an easily accessible place, so that the use of this device is really intuitive!

15 programs to bake bread and prepare other products!

The great advantage of this bread maker is the large number of programs you can use. Thanks to this, each user can adjust the type of bread, the method of its preparation and the time of baking it to his/her liking. We can choose from the following programs: basic (baking of traditional bread), French (for light bread), whole wheat (rye or wheat flour), sweet (bread with raisins or chocolate), milk and butter (bread with milk, brioches), gluten-free (bread from rice, sweet potato, corn or oat flour), super rapid (shortens the preparation phase), kneading the dough (dough with soda or baking powder), kneading (self-setting time), dough kneading and rise (without baking, the dough can be used to prepare rolls or pizza), pasta dough, yoghurt ferment, preparing preserves (cooking jam), bake (additional baking) and homemade (manual adjustment of each phase of bread preparation).

  • User manual
  • 2 kneading stirrers
  • Hook extractor
  • Measure cup
  • Measure spoon
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