Adler AD 7317 Fan 15 cm with clip and base

High temperature and dry air bother us more and more often. Hot days in the home or office can be really tiring. That is why it is worth to invest in the equipment that will allow us to enjoy some hot summer days. The desk fan ADLER AD 7317 is a powerful device that will cool down any room and make you feel comfortable. What is more, the fan has a clip that will simplify the installation of the device anywhere! This is an interesting solution that will meet the expectations of anyone looking for coolness!The AD 7317 fan has a diameter of 15 cm, therefore it is small and light which makes transporting it or placing somewhere where there is not much room easy. Two speed settings allow to adjust the strength of the airflow.

EAN: 5902934830270 SKU: ad_7317

  • • Diameter 15cm / 6”
  • • Air flow 7m3/min.
  • • 2 speed settings
  • • Adjustable angle 16° (8° up and 8° down)
  • • Stable base and clip included
  • • Max Power: 30W
  • • Power: 15W
  • • Power supply 220-240V ~ 50/60Hz
  • • Noise level 46 Db

Climate change taunts us more and more. This also applies to changes in temperatures that we experience in the summer. African summer is no longer a term reserved only for the African continent! As far as the temperatures on holidays by the sea are concerned, we can enjoy it. However, in the city, at work or at home, it can be really annoying! Therefore, it is worth to equip yourself with the desk fan ADLER AD 7317, which offers various solutions for the most demanding!

A necessary piece of equipment for every home

Today it is difficult to imagine a house without a fan. Everyone has a vision of what the perfect one should look like, but our product provides functionality above all! The diameter of the head is 15 cm, which ensures an ideal airflow range. The rotating head (90 degrees oscillation) will ensure that the air is evenly distributed in the room and we do not expose ourselves to harmful sitting in the draft. This also helps the perceptible rapid drop in temperature in every room in which we put this fan. The maximum power of the device is 30W. Thanks to the two-speed ranges of the fan blades we can adjust the flow of air to the conditions prevailing in the room. The control panel located in an easily accessible place allows you to quickly change pre-selected settings.

An innovative and convenient solution

The fan works nicely in every room: living room, kitchen or bedroom. The white colour of the blades and shields makes it fit in with every decor and decorating style. What constitutes its great advantage is the ability to choose how we want to use it. We can choose a proper and stable base that will ensure fan stability even when the head rotates. However, when you want to place the fan in a slightly more unusual place, you can use the attached clip! Thanks to it, the fan can be attached to a shelf, desk or other level surfaces. Adjusting the angle of the device will additionally help to direct the airflow where it is most needed to us! All you need to do is tilt the fan body properly and you can enjoy pleasant cooling!

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