Functional, and, stylish, , , , This, model, combines, the, vintage, mechanism, with, modern, electronics,, which, gives, you, a, lot, more, possibilities, than, owning, a, radio, and, a, turntable, separately., It, is, also, a, real, space, saver!, ., The, CR, 1113, turntable, is, equipped, with, a, pair, of, speakers, of, 3W, audio, power, (1,5, W, each)., You, can, also, connect, external, speakers, using, the, AUX, output,, and, if, you, like, to, enjoy, the, music, on, your, own, you, will, surely, appreciate, the, headphones, input, (3,5mm, jack)., On, top, of, it, there, is, an, LCD, display, on, which, you, can, change, the, settings, of, the, unit, and, check, the, current, time., , , , , The, designers, of, the, CR, 1113, wanted, to, make, sure, that, the, outlook, of, the, product, is, timeless,, subtle, and, devoid, of, any, excessive, elements., Therefore, the, turntable, is, a, great, match, for, any, kind, of, interior, –, from, retro, cabinets, to, modern, apartments, –, and, a, unique, companion, in, your, more, relaxed, moments., , , , , Its, not, a, fashion,, its, a, lifestyle, , , , Vinyl, records, were, supposed, to, be, long-forgotten, by, now, but, they, are, actually, doing, pretty, well., Maybe, they, are, not, as, popular, as, they, used, to, but, apart, from, the, classic, albums, there, are, still, new, releases, on, the, market., Artists,, producers,, and, music, enthusiasts, –, they, all, appreciate, the, timeless, beauty, of, vinyl, plates., Listening, to, music, played, on, a, turntable, is, not, a, temporary, fashion,, it, is, an, indicator, of, a, great, taste, in, music., „Vinyls”, are, popular, among, audiophiles, as, well, as, professional, DJs., , , , , , "/>

Camry CR 1113 Turntable with radio

The modern Camry CR 1113 turntable is a real treat for the enthusiasts of vintage sounds. You can play your vinyl records at 33, 45, or 78 RPM, and if you do not feel like listening to any of the records you can turn on the built-in AM/FM radio. What is more is that in case you would like to enjoy some silence the turntable can be used as a watch or an alarm-clock .

EAN: 5908256831896 SKU: cr_1113

Main Parameters:

  • 33/45/78 RPM Turntable
  • Tone arm lift-lever
  • Turntable manual/auto-stop selector
  • PLL FM/AM Radio
  • AUX in and earphone jack
  • LCD Display
  • Built-in speaker
  • Remote control & 45RPM adaptor included
  • Clock & Timer function


  • Speaker size: 4"
  • Output power: 3W
  • Impedance: 8OHM±15%
  • THD: <10%
  • Sensitivity: 82.7dB±3dB


  •  Power adapter socket
  •  RCA output
  •  3.5mm AUX in jack
  •  Earphone jack

Features: (Examples)

  • Turntable
  • PLL FM/AM Radio
  • Clock function


  • AC 230V~50Hz, 12W

Physical parameters:

  • Dimensions: W: 314mm x H: 142mm x D: 142mm
  • Weight: 2.2kg


  • 45RPM adaptor

Functional and stylish

This model combines the vintage mechanism with modern electronics, which gives you a lot more possibilities than owning a radio and a turntable separately. It is also a real space saver! . The CR 1113 turntable is equipped with a pair of speakers of 3W audio power (1,5 W each). You can also connect external speakers using the AUX output, and if you like to enjoy the music on your own you will surely appreciate the headphones input (3,5mm jack). On top of it there is an LCD display on which you can change the settings of the unit and check the current time.

The designers of the CR 1113 wanted to make sure that the outlook of the product is timeless, subtle and devoid of any excessive elements. Therefore the turntable is a great match for any kind of interior – from retro cabinets to modern apartments – and a unique companion in your more relaxed moments.

Its not a fashion, its a lifestyle

Vinyl records were supposed to be long-forgotten by now but they are actually doing pretty well. Maybe they are not as popular as they used to but apart from the classic albums there are still new releases on the market. Artists, producers, and music enthusiasts – they all appreciate the timeless beauty of vinyl plates. Listening to music played on a turntable is not a temporary fashion, it is an indicator of a great taste in music. „Vinyls” are popular among audiophiles as well as professional DJs.

  • Manual
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