Camry CR 1290 Kettle glass 2,0 l - with temp. control and tea infuser


The 2-liter kettle with temperature control is equipped with a removable basket for brewing tea and herbal infusions. Adjusting the temperature in the range of 60 to 100 degrees C will prepare the perfect herbal infusion. This function is also useful in other situations where boiled water would have to cool slightly before using it. The temperature is regulated by buttons on the kettle and the LED backlight in 5 colors informs about the selected heating temperature. The CR 1290 kettle is equipped with a thermal fuse that prevents the device from overheating. In addition, the user is informed by a sound signal when the water boils.

EAN: 5902934835770 SKU: cr_1290

  • Capacity max: 2,0 L
  • Capacity min: 0,5 L
  • High grade flat stainless steel heating element
  • Automatic protection against boiled without water
  • Beep at startup and after boiling water
  • Removable basket for brewing
  • 60°C - flower tea (jasmine)
  • 70°C - white tea
  • 80°C - green tea
  • 90°C - red tea & some coffee
  • 100°C - black tea & Oolung
  • Temperature control 60-100 ° C in the handle
  • Different colors of the boiled water backlight depending on the selected temperature
  • Blue backlight
  • LED illumination during boiling
  • Water level gauge
  • Automatic switch off
  • Removable lid
  • Swivel base 360 °
  • Housing made from glass
  • Compact baseplate with cord storage
  • Power supply: 220-240V ~50/60Hz
  • Power cord length: 66 cm
  • Power rating: 1850W
  • Power max. 2200W
  • Product dimensions: 25,0 x 22,0 x 16,5 cm
  • Color: black
  • Plug type: E/F

The device for boiling water should be not only functional but also aesthetic - it should match the decor of the kitchen. The electrical kettle CAMRY CR 1290 is a device that will satisfy even the most demanding amateurs of tea and coffee. Large capacity, elegant appearance and high-quality workmanship are just some of its advantages.

A kettle for the whole family

Today, an electric kettle is a must in every kitchen. There are so many models on the market, how to choose the best one? The great advantage of our kettle is the large capacity of up to 2 litres, which allows you to prepare tea, coffee or other warm drink for the whole family or guests visiting us. The 360 rotating base makes it an ideal product for both right and left-handed people. The heating element is made of high-quality stainless steel, which thanks to its resistance to mechanical factors and temperature significantly prolongs the usage of the kettle itself. The thermal fuse prevents the device from overheating. A sound signal is also a great convenience, which warns when the kettle is on and when water is ready. The elegant design fits both the modern decor and the more traditional finish of our kitchens.

A kettle different than others

What distinguishes our product on the market is the possibility of temperature regulation between 50 and 100C. There is a control panel on the handle through which you can set the required temperature. It is useful if you like to brew coffee, tea or herbs that require a different brewing temperature depending on the effect you want to achieve. The kettles operation is also controlled by the changing colour of the backlight of the boiled water, which tells you how much time is left to reach the selected temperature. Tea and herbs enthusiasts are aware that the right temperature allows to bring out the taste and health properties of their drinks. Their preparation is significantly facilitated by the removable infuser basket that you can find in the set. You can fill it in with your favourite mixture and you do not have to use another jug to prepare it. The function of maintaining temperature, which warms the water for at least 2 hours, will be useful during family meetings and meetings among friends.

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SKU cr_1290
UNIT EAN code 5902934835770
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CN code 85161080
UNIT Net weight kg 1.04
UNIT Gross weight kg 1.16
UNIT Size of the box WxDxH 22 x 19 x 25
UNIT BOX volume (m3) 0.010450
CTN Gross weight kg 6.97
CTN dimensions WxDxH 58 x 23 x 52
CTN volume (m3) 0.069368
QTY in container 20' / 40' / 40'HQ 2488 / 2488 / 6220
Recycling type 5
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