Camry CR 2254 Hair dryer 1200W

With our hair dryer Camry CR 2254 with the power of 1200W you can dry you hair faster and more comfortable than ever! With the help of a concentrator, hot air flow can be directed only where you need it.The dryer is equipped with two levels of power, is also very light and easy to use and store. Thanks to there advantages our dryer will be your practical friend during doing a hairstyle!

EAN: 5902934839594 SKU: cr_2254

  • Power: 1200W
  • 2 levels of power
  • Foldable handle
  • Concentrator
  • Low noise motor
  • Hang-up hook
  • Plug type: C

When looking for the perfect hair styling equipment, we often focus on the practical solutions and functions of a given device. That is why all those who care about elegant hairstyles will love the dryer CAMRY CR 2254. This intuitive device will help tame the unruliest strands, and it will be perfect for a holiday or a business trip.

The inconspicuous power of the dryer

Caring for a hairstyle means exposing hair to high temperatures and various cosmetics and specifics. We use a lot of devices to help create it. Hence, it is necessary to consider what equipment we really need and what will be safe for our hair. For years, the obvious equipment in every bathroom has been a hairdryer. It is the simplest and universal device that will work well in styling women's, men's, and children's hair. The interesting design of this hairdryer and its quiet operation are features that will surely appeal to the youngest. Delicate pastel colors and the small size of the dryer will make drying your child's hair a pleasure. The power of the device is 1200 W, so you can dry thicker or longer hair just in a few moments.

A foldable dryer is convenient and space-saving

The dryer has an interesting feature: it is foldable. This is a useful convenience that we will appreciate if we have a small bathroom and not too much space to store equipment or, we like to style our hair also during holidays or business trips. The foldable handle means the device takes up little space in a bag or on a shelf. The hang-up hook allows you to store it in other places: under the cupboard, next to towels. The two levels of power make it easy to adjust the airflow to our hair and how wet it is. A conveniently placed switch on the handle helps quickly adjust the airflow while drying. It will also be easier to create a more complicated hairstyle with the concentrator included in the set.

  • Manual
  • Device
  • Concentrator
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