Camry CR 2255 Hair dryer 2200W + diffuser


The CR 2255 dryer is the choice for more demanding people who care about their hair and want to give them a beautiful look. The dryer has been equipped with separate controls of air flow and temperature. In addition, it has a cool shot function that quickly closes hair cuticles. The kit comes with a concentrator and diffuser. They allow for even better hair styling. The concentrator will direct the gust of air wherever you need it and the diffuser will slightly lift the hair at the root. The dryer is distinguished by an elegant, modern look.

EAN: 5902934834728 SKU: cr_2255

  • Separate control of temperature and air flow
  • 2 levels of speed
  • 3 levels of temperature
  • Cool shot function
  • Concentrator and diffuser included
  • Power cord length: 180cm
  • Nominal power: 1800-2200W
  • Maximum power:2200W
  • Plug type: C

A hairdryer is an essential element in every home. When we want to buy a new one, because, for example, the old one has refused to cooperate with us, we have to decide which model will be the best. The hairdryer with diffuser CAMRY CR 2255 is a solution for us if we are looking for a high-quality product and want to give the hair a beautiful look with a minimum of effort.

For convenience, but also the health of our hair

Many people hesitate if a hairdryer is the best solution because they are worried that it will damage the hair and affect their overall condition. Warm air can cause hair cuticles to open, and our hair tangle and frizz. The way to deal with this problem is a temperature-controlled dryer. Our model allows setting the air for warm air, hot air and very hot air. Additionally, you can choose one of two levels of speed. Moderate speed and warm air is suitable for modelling and drying slightly damp hair. However, a strong and hot blow is suitable for quick drying and styling of thick and full hair. Choosing the right temperature and speed will allow you to choose the drying method according to the type and length of your hair. Thanks to this, you will not overdry them and will not have to expose them to high temperatures for a long time.

Features for special tasks

Our hairdryer is a product that will also help to fight against static hair. The cool shot function will close the hair cuticles, which will not only fix the hairstyle better but also improve the condition and look of the hair. Just a few uses finished with a cold blow will make your hair shine and look healthier. In addition, our hairdryer is equipped with a diffuser and a concentrator that will allow you to tame the most unruly strands. For example, the diffuser will highlight a beautiful curl. The concentrator is ideal if you want to smooth the strand without the use of additional devices such as a straightener. The air inlet cover, comfortable handle, buttons in a convenient place and a handle for hanging the dryer make the device safe and convenient to use for everyone and in all conditions.

Additional description with photos

  • Manual
  • Device
  • Concetrator
  • Diffuser
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SKU cr_2255
UNIT EAN code 5902934834728
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CN code 85163100
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UNIT Gross weight kg 1.09
UNIT Size of the box WxDxH 10 x 23 x 31
UNIT BOX volume (m3) 0.007130
CTN Gross weight kg 13.05
CTN dimensions WxDxH 30 x 63 x 47
CTN volume (m3) 0.088830
QTY in container 20' / 40' / 40'HQ 3647 / 3647 / 9116
Recycling type 5
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