Camry CR 3217 Toaster 2 slice


An efficient max 1000W toaster in which two toasts at a time can be prepared. The browning adjustment knob allows to prepare toasts the way one likes the best. Thanks to that they are exactly as crispy as they should be. The crumb tray helps in keeping the device, as well as the place where one prepares a meal, clean. When the toaster is on its housing remains cool - this is one of the factors that increase the safety of operating the device. One can stop the browning process using the CANCEL button.

Do you usually start a day with a warm breakfast? Do you like toasts for supper? Do you prefer a delicious and crunchy addition to your favorite salad? We have something just for you! The toaster CR 3217 is a product for everyone who appreciates toasts with jam or hot rolls for breakfast! A stylish device that impresses with its functionality and also will look nice in every kitchen! In a few minutes you can surprise your family with the smell of warm bread that will enrich every meal! High quality of the product will allow you to enjoy it for many years!

The best crispy toasts! Who does not like toasts? Regardless of whether you prefer white bread with jam or other additions or wholemeal bread, this product will meet your requirements! Thanks to a toaster with the power of 1000W you can make two toasts in one cycle. Quickly you will prepare your favorite bread, which you can heat and bake in a few minutes just the way you like it. Thanks to the smooth browning control every of your family member can choose their favorite level of baking. There is something for everyone! What is more, the toaster has slide-out crumb tray that will help you quickly and comfortably organize the kitchen.

Hot- cold, meaning we defrost the bread! The biggest advantage of this product is the fact that you can also use it for defrosting the bread! This will help to save products, but also time in the kitchen. Just use the defrost function and after few minutes you can enjoy bread similar to the one taken straight from the oven! After reaching appropriate level of browning of the bread, the device will automatically turn off. However, if you notice during the baking that the bread is perfect, you can use STOP button which will automatically switch off the toaster. Bon Appetite!

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  • Power Max 1000W
  • Power Nom 815W
  • Reheat and defrost function
  • Browning adjustment knob
  • Bun-warmer
  • Automatic switch off
  • STOP button
  • Crumb tray

A crispy toast is a great addition to the morning scrambled eggs, the basis for an afternoon snack or an addition to a hot dinner. The toaster CAMRY CR 3217 will allow you to prepare toasts in just a few minutes, and additional functions will surprise every enthusiast of any hot bread. A stylish and elegant device will look good in every kitchen.

Toaster for 2 pieces

The smell of warm bread is an aroma that everyone loves, and you can enjoy it in your kitchen even today. We usually prepare a toast for a quick breakfast, but it can be a way to make a tasty addition to salads, hot vegetables or even desserts. The toaster we offer impresses not only with innovative features but also with its appearance. The subdued pastel colour means that the device will look good both in a modern kitchen and in a traditionally decorated one. The practical 2-slice toaster with a maximum power of 1000 W allows you to quickly prepare toasts for the whole family. The crumb tray makes it easier to keep the countertop clean, and the STOP button lets you stop toasting bread if you notice that the toast is starting to brown too much. Automatic switch-off is an additional protection that makes using the toaster safe.

A multi-functional toaster for everyone

If everyone in your family likes a different degree of browning, you don't have to worry. Our device helps to achieve 6 levels of browning, so everyone will find the perfect option for themselves. What distinguishes our product are additional functions that combine the power of three different devices in one toaster. In addition to toasting bread, you can also defrost it. This is a very useful option for everyone who freezes supplies. Thanks to this, we can enjoy warm and aromatic bread in a few minutes. If you do not necessarily feel like eating toast, but you want to enjoy the taste of a warm roll or bread, just use the option of reheating the bread. In the set, you will find a special burn-warmer, on which you can place rolls, bread or a baguette and heat them without fear of burning them.

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Product availability available
UNIT EAN code 5902934838559
CN code
UNIT Net weight kg 1.40
UNIT Gross weight kg 2.10
UNIT Size of the box WxDxH 33 x 19.5 x 23.5
UNIT BOX volume (m3) 0.015122
CTN Gross weight kg 2.10
CTN dimensions WxDxH 34 x 21 x 25
CTN volume (m3) 0.017850
QTY in container 20' / 40' / 40'HQ 1719 / 1719 / 4298
Recycling type 5
Battery type
Battery quantity pcs.
One battery weight
Packaging Cardboard kg 0.639
Packaging Plastic kg 0.002
Manual weight kg 0.059

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