Camry CR 7037 Vacumm cleaner - Silent


Silent vacuum cleaner CAMRY CR 7037 is a professional device with high cleaning efficiency class ideal for quick and convenient vacuuming. A high-quality compact and very quiet vacuum cleaner (only 68 Db) will work in almost every home. The operating range up to 7 meters will allow you to vacuum the entire apartment or office without having to look for sockets. Rubber wheels not only make it easier to move the device between cleaned rooms but also protect the floor from scratches. A Hepa 12 antiallergic filter makes it a vacuum cleaner for families with small children. The vacuum cleaner also includes 4 microfiber bags that retain over 95% of the dust particles, which means more efficiency than ordinary paper bags. We recommend!!

  • Super quiet: 68 Db
  • Rubberized wheels protect floors from scratches
  • Hepa 12 antiallergic filter
  • Operating range: 7m
  • Large capacity of the dust bag: 3l
  • Electronic bag full indicator
  • Energy efficiency class: A
  • Dust reemission class: A
  • Carpet cleaning efficiency class: A
  • Hard floor cleaning efficiency class: A
  • 4 bags in set
  • Nominal Power: 800W
  • Maximum power: 2300W
  • A vacuum cleaner is one of the most frequently used equipment for cleaning flats and offices. That is why it is important to choose a model that will meet the needs of the whole family. The silent vacuum cleaner CAMRY CR 7037 is the perfect choice for people who appreciate ecological solutions and almost noiseless operation of devices. The applied solutions make it an ideal device for people with allergies and families with small children. A durable casing and high-quality elements will make you appreciate the work of our product for a long time!

    Silent work

    The biggest advantage of our device is its quiet operation. The vacuum cleaner emits sounds at 68 Db with a device power of 2300W. Thanks to this, you can clean at any time of the day or night, even when other household members are asleep. Rubber wheels protect the floor from scratches and allow for easy mobility between cleaned rooms. The operating range up to 7 meters eliminates the need to look for sockets in each of the vacuumed rooms. The large capacity of the dust bag - up to 3 litres - allows cleaning without the need to frequently replace the bag. And when the time comes, the electronic indicator will remind you about it. All this makes the vacuuming much more pleasant, comfortable and an activity that needs less time!


    A big advantage is the antiallergic Hepa 12 filter used in the vacuum cleaner, which makes the cleaning safe for allergy sufferers and small children. Air is free of allergens, mites and dust that can sensitize us. The fact that the vacuum cleaner is suitable for cleaning various surfaces ranging from carpets to hard floors can also speak in favour of the device. You will receive four different vacuum cleaner tips: a universal turbo brush, a brush for covering, a brush for vacuuming floors and rugs, and a slotted brush that will vacuum hard-to-reach areas (seat backs, sofa slots, shelves, etc.). The small size of the device and the flexible hose further increase the convenience of using the vacuum cleaner in flats or offices.

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    Product availability available in 28 week
    UNIT EAN code 5902934831185
    CTNS EAN code CTNS
    CN code 85081100
    UNIT Net weight kg 8.01
    UNIT Gross weight kg 8.20
    UNIT Size of the box WxDxH 33.5 x 55 x 34.5
    UNIT BOX volume (m3) 0.063566
    CTN Gross weight kg 8.20
    CTN dimensions WxDxH 33.5 x 55 x 34.5
    CTN volume (m3) 0.063566
    QTY in container 20' / 40' / 40'HQ 409 / 409 / 1023
    Recycling type 4
    Battery type
    Battery quantity pcs.
    One battery weight
    Packaging Cardboard kg 0.049
    Packaging Plastic kg 0.085
    Manual weight kg 0.059

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