Camry CR 7421 Electirc heating under-blanket with timer (2)

The electric blanket Camry provides you with relaxing warmth and comfort. It is recommended for people who care for their health. Recommended while treating arthritis and rheumatism symptoms It provides you with quick and even heat distribution. This allows you to rest with delight in a warm bed in just few minutes after switching on the electric blanket. The blanket is made of soft and gentle syntetic wood. You can easily wash it after detaching a temperature controller and a power cord. The temperature controller allows you to choose the temperatures level and assure the over-heating protection.

EAN: 5902934832601 SKU: cr_7421

  • • Dimension: height 160cm & width: 180cm
  • • Detachable power cord with LCD controller
  • • Machine washable in 30°C temperature
  • • Size suitable for two person
  • • Easy to control
  • • Timer: 1-10 hours
  • • 5 heating levels
  • • Upper fabric: Syntetic wool
  • • Under fabric: Polyester
  • • Timer automatically switches off heating after fixed time passed
  • • Overheat protection
  • • Easy system prevents the blanket from moving over the mattress
  • • Power: 2 X 60W
  • • Power supply: 230V ~50/60Hz

We recommend an electric heating under-blanket with a timer CAMRY CR 7421 for all health-conscious people. It provides warmth and comfort in all conditions. It is recommended especially for people who are looking for a way to cope with stiffness in the muscles and to relieve nerve pain, or improve blood circulation. Higher temperature will also help relieve rheumatic symptoms.

Something more than just a blanket

Our product is more than just a blanket. The big advantage is that it looks elegant and is very practical. Just place it under or on the sheet and enjoy the warm temperatures. The upper fabric is coral fleece and bottom is polyester. Such selection of materials and additional binding tapes to run under the mattress prevent the blanket from sliding across the bed. The size of the blanket is 160x180 cm, so it is suitable for two people. What is more, do not worry about its cleaning, you can wash it in the washing machine because it has detachable control switches. Just disconnect and remove the power cords and you can soak the product for several minutes in a lukewarm solution of water and soap. Alternatively, it can be washed in a washing machine at 30 degrees in a delicate cycle. Then just stretch the product to its original size.

Simplicity and convenience of use

We do not have to worry about complicated parameter settings. The temperature controller, controller display and the heating setting indicator will help you control the settings and work of the blanket and adapt them to your personal preferences. The temperature setting button in an easily accessible place allows you to select the appropriate operating function. For everyday use, the product will require 15 minutes of preheating. Thanks to this, we can prevent the stiffening of the muscles in the morning. The timer in an easily accessible place allows you to set 1 - 10 hours continous operation. Thanks to the automatic switching off of the heating after the set time, you do not have to worry about increased energy consumption or that it will be too warm at night. Overheat protection is an additional feature that makes using our product intuitive!

  • Manual
  • Tape to fix the blanket on the mattress
Product availability available in 30 week
SKU cr_7421
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UNIT BOX volume (m3) 0.045705
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