Camry CR 7935 Mosquito and Camping lamp - USB rechargeable 2w1

Mosquitoes and Camping lamp - USB rechargeable. LED ULTRA UV 595nm light attracts insects, kills 1000V high voltage inside the device, stores dead insects for disposal. Effective protection against: mosquitoes and moths.

EAN: 5902934835855 SKU: cr_7935

  • 2in1 Mosquitoes and Camping lamp - USB rechargeable
  • UV LED insecticide lamp
    • - LED ULTRA UV 595nm light attracts insects, kills 1000V high voltage inside the device, stores dead insects for disposal
    • - Safe for humans and animals - works without the use of chemistry, does not emit harmful substances
    • - Effective protection against: mosquitoes and moths
  • LED camping lamp
    • - Lighting in the tent and outdoor
    • - Housing resistant to rain and moisture - illuminates outdoors
    • - 360-395 nm LED light
  • Solid construction made of high quality ABS plastic
  • Operating position: free-standing & hanging (hook)
  • Application: inside & outside
  • Operating area up to 40 m2
  • LED lamp life up to 8.000 hours
  • Dimensions: 8.6 x 8.6 x 15.6cm
  • Quiet operation <54 dB
  • Micro B USB cable included
  • Built-in 2000 mAh battery
  • Charging time: 4 hours
  • Working time 10-16 hours (depends on the number of electric discharges)
  • Device power: 2 W
  • Rated output power: DC 5 V 1A
  • Plug type: C

The annoying buzzing of flies and mosquito bites are an integral part of camping. Despite the fact that we should get used to it, we are still looking for ways to get rid of annoying insects that disturb our rest in the fresh air. One of the solutions can be the 2 in 1 mosquito and camping lamp- USB rechargeable CAMRY CR 7935. It is a modern device that should be among basic equipment of every fan of spending time in the nature.

An unconventional solution in the fight against insects

Our lamp is the right solution if you want to get rid of annoying and restless insects. Warm winters mean that there are more and more of them and they start teasing us much earlier than it was a few years ago. Our lamp attracts insects with LED light and kills them with a high voltage of 1000 V. It is equipped with a container into which dead insects fall, which makes it easier to keep it clean. This is an extremely effective protection against mosquitoes, flies and moths, which does not require us to use chemical substances, so it is safe for both humans and animals. The lamp itself also does not emit any harmful substances, so you can place it close to places where children are.

Additional function at the camping

Our product is also a LED lamp that guarantees light in the tent and outdoors. We don't have to take extra lanterns with us. The 360-395 nm LED light comes in three levels of intensity, so everyone will find the perfect setting for themselves. The housing is resistant to rain and moisture, so you can hang it outside the tent or trailer. It is a solid construction made of high quality scratch-resistant ABS plastic. The lamp can be placed or hung because it has a convenient hook to use. Importantly, the lamp can be charged using a USB cable, which is included in the set. The LED lamp life of 8000 hours guarantees that we will not run out of light in the least expected moment.

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