Gerlach GL 6611 Electric Grill


The Gerlach 6611 Electric Grill combines the function of a table and stand grill. This means that all year round, even in bad weather or in winter, we can enjoy the taste of our favorite grilled dishes. The large plate surface of 40 x 36 cm allows you to prepare both meat and additives immediately, which significantly reduces the time needed for grilling. The grill allows you to smoothly adjust the temperature in the range from 60 to 240 degrees Celsius. The device is equipped with a stand with a bottom shelf. The maximum power of the grill is 2500W.

  • 2in1: On Table or with legs
  • Two grilling surface: flat and corrugated
  • Grilling area around : 1400 cm2
  • Large plate area: 40*36 cm
  • Smooth temperature adjustment from 60 C to 240 C
  • Non- stick grill plate
  • Detachable controller with power cord
  • Removable drip tray
  • Usable height: 77 cm
  • Detachable hinged metal cover
  • Stand with bottom shelf useful on the terrace / in the garden
  • Max Power: 2500W
  • Nom Power: 2000W

Warm days invite you to spend more time outside, enjoy the sunshine and colourful nature. It is also a great opportunity to meet friends and family, which often involve preparing tasty dishes together. One of the options to make this group cooking outdoors more attractive is the purchase of a grill. However, if you do not have space or want to buy a device that takes up a large amount of space, it is worth investing in the electric grill GERLACH GL 6611. It is practical and convenient to use.

Electric grill - why is it worth buying such equipment?

There is nothing more delicious than well-seasoned grilled meat and vegetables. However, a traditional device requires a lot more effort when it comes to its preparation, burning, washing and storing all the necessary accessories. Not everyone has a place to hide the device itself, and not everyone likes the ash and soot that remains after using it. The electric equivalent is much easier to handle, does not take up much space, can be quickly removed and stowed away. Our product allows for smooth temperature adjustment in the range from 60 to 240 degrees Celsius, so you do not have to monitor the amount of fuel and the degree of its heating. A detachable controller with a power cord makes it easy to supervise the operation of the entire mechanism. The maximum grill power is 2500 W, so you can quickly prepare even more meat or vegetables for the whole family.

Practical solutions and quality of manufacture

What distinguishes our product on the market is its multifunctionality. It combines the function of a table grill and a standing grill. This means that all year round, even in bad weather or in winter, you can enjoy the taste of your favourite grilled dishes. The device can be placed close to the table and the meat removed from the device can be placed directly on the plate. Two grilling surfaces: flat and corrugated are a way to prepare a variety of dishes. Pancakes or potato pancakes grilled? Why not! The large surface of the 40 x 36 cm plate allows you to prepare both meat and additives immediately, which significantly reduces the time needed for cooking. The removable drip tray will collect excess grease and the non-stick plate is very easy to clean. A stand with a bottom shelf is an interesting accessory that will allow you to control the ingredients of the dish and accessories when preparing foods outside. The removable cover will ensure that the products are evenly browned and will keep them warm for longer.

  • Manual
Product availability available in 35 week
UNIT EAN code 5902934839884
CN code 85166070
UNIT Net weight kg 0.00
UNIT Gross weight kg 11.10
UNIT Size of the box WxDxH 83 x 21 x 57
UNIT BOX volume (m3) 0.099351
CTN Gross weight kg 11.10
CTN dimensions WxDxH 84.5 x 22 x 58.5
CTN volume (m3) 0.108752
QTY in container 20' / 40' / 40'HQ 262 / 262 / 654
Recycling type 4
Battery type
Battery quantity pcs.
One battery weight
Packaging Cardboard kg 10.505
Packaging Plastic kg 0.48
Manual weight kg 0.115

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