Mesko MS 7933 Mosquito killer lamp UV

The MESKO MS7933 mosquitoes killer lamp is a modern device that comprehensively solves the problem of intrusive insects in our environment, the device attracts insects with UV light, strikes them with high voltage and stores dead insects until the removable tray is empty.

The device has a very simple operating principle. The ultraviolet light emitted by the fluorescent lamp with a special adjusted wavelength is extremely attractive for flying insects, which is why they fly inside the device. The fluorescent lamp is wrapped in a special wire mesh in front of the light source. High voltage flowing through the grid causes electric shock to insects and leads to their death. There is a soft click, dead insects fall directly into the removable tray at the bottom of the device, which should be emptied regularly.

The device removes insects from the environment, without using chemicals. It is much more aesthetic than hanging insect patches - as our grandmothers did. Compared to aerosols, the device does not emit any chemicals, it does not expose us to inhalation of suffocating fumes and harmful substances - as our mothers did.

Place the device in any place that is exposed to increased insect activity. Ideally, place it on a countertop or hang the device by the hook in the desired place. A height of 1.5-2.0 meters is recommended as optimal for flies, moths and other insects, and 1.0 meter for mosquitoes.

Insecticides are safe for our health. The emitted ultraviolet radiation is completely harmless to humans and pets, and the housing made of durable ABS plastic guarantees safe and long-term use of the lamp.

EAN: 5902934835817 SKU: ms_7933

  • • Lures with UV light, electrocute insects with high voltage, stores dead insects for disposal
  • • Safe for humans and animals - works without the use of chemicals, without releasing harmful substances
  • • Effective protection against: mosquitoes, flies and moths
  • • High voltage glaring insects 900V
  • • 365nm UV light for attracting insects
  • • Solid construction made of high quality ABS plastic
  • • Operating position: free-standing or hanging
  • • Application: inside
  • • Area of operation up to 40 m2
  • • UV fluorescent lamp lifetime of 8.000 hours
  • • Comfortable hanging hook
  • • Insect container: unscrewed, easy to clean
  • • Dimensions: 12.2 x 12.2 x 25.3 cm
  • • Quiet operation 46-54 dB
  • • Device power: 5 W
  • • Voltage: 220-240V ~ 50 / 60Hz
  • Plug type: C

The changing climate does not mean only hotter days, no snow in winter or windy autumn days. It is also a bigger problem with insects that bother us more. If you belong to people who like to spend time in the garden or on the balcony, but you do not like intrusive mosquitoes in your home, the mosquito killer lamp MESKO MS 7933 is a product for you.

A quick and convenient solution

The mosquito killer lamp we have in our offer is a modern device that is easy to use but fulfils its function in one hundred per cent. The UV light emitted by the lamp attracts insects such as mosquitoes, moths, flies, and the special mesh around it strikes the insects with an electric impulse. The voltage that hits insects reaches 900 V, but it is safe for people. Just like 365nm UV light, which has no effect on humans. The lamp works in rooms up to 40 m², and the bulb life of 8000 hours ensures long lamp life. All we have to do is place the lamp in the right place, where most insects arrive and turn it on. This does not require any special measures. The lamp is equipped with a detachable container for dead insects, which should be emptied regularly.

Safe and healthy for human

The lamp is safe for our health. In addition to the fact that the light or voltage emitted by it does not harm us, this device is also characterized by quiet operation from 46 to 54 dB. The solid construction made of high-quality ABS plastic makes the lamp last for a long time. A convenient hook for hanging makes it easy to place the lamp in a spot of our choice. It can also stand on a table or bookcase. What deserves special attention is the fact that the use of the lamp we offer significantly reduces the use of chemical substances. It is a healthy alternative to mosquito sprays, tiles or stickies, which also dont look very aesthetically pleasing. Importantly, the lamp is easy to keep clean. Regularly clean the insect container and high-voltage grid. The protective grill is best cleaned with a brush to get rid of the remains of insect bodies.

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