Adler AD 7961 Air Purifier

The Adler AD7961 , 45W air purifier is a modern solution to the problem of smog and other air pollutants such as allergens, dust particles, animal hair and germs. Its performance of 150m3/h makes it possible to quickly purify the air in rooms of up to 20m2.

  • Three speed setting
  • Triple filtering (initial filter, HEPA, UV, photocatalytic)
  • holds 99,97% of particles, including PM 2,5 - smog.
  • UV lamp, Efficiency: 150m3/h
  • Maximum room square meters: 20m2
  • Noise level 35-61dB
  • Ionization over 2mil ions/cm3

Accurate air purification

ADLER AD 7961 is equipped with a triple filtration system, which is an effective barrier to pollution. The first HEPA filtermade of sintered glass fibers retains almost 100% of particles larger than 0.3 micron and 95% of particles between 0.1 and 0.3 microns. This means that it removes microscopic particles from the filtered air:

  • PM 10 dust and the vast majority of PM 2.5 dust that create dangerous smog
  • mold and fungal cells
  • most bacteria and viruses
  • The ionization function additionally cleans the air from impurities.
  • mite spores and other allergens

The second filter is a UV lamp which, by its action, emits ultraviolet light, kills the remaining micro-organisms.
The third filter is a photocatalytic filter that allows you to neutralize chemicals such as benzo (a) pyrene, benzene, formaldehyde or xylene. These compounds, reacting with active carbon, break down and cease to be harmful. Thanks to this, the photocatalytic filter takes care of your health. Additionally, it effectively neutralizes odors, for example cigarette smoke.

Tailor your needs

The ADLER AD 7961 cleaner gives you great opportunities. There are 3 modes of air filtering speed. and an option for independent activation of filtration using a UV lamp.

Take care of your and your loved ones' health

Thanks to the combination of 3 filters, the ADLER AD 7961 cleaner provides you and your loved ones with healthy living conditions. It protects you against the harmful effects of dusts, microorganisms and chemicals that, getting through the lungs and bronchi to the body, can cause the development of various diseases. The air purifier is especially recommended for:

  • residents of smog polluted cities and places with high levels of dust
  • Allergy
  • families with young children
  • people with a tendency to upper respiratory tract infection and allergies
  • pet owners
  • people who smoke in the room


The ADLER AD 7961 air cleaner also has an ioniser. By combining two functions in one device, we not only purify the air, but also ionize it. In the ionized air, viruses and fungal spores are more difficult to develop.

ADLER AD 7961 has an interchangeable HEPA filter, which can be purchased separately.

  • Manual
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