Camry CR 1291 Stainless Steel 1,7L kettle with LCD display

Innovative kettle with LCD temperature display, 7-step temperature control and keep warm function. In the water boiling mode the LCD display indicates the current water temperature and boil it up to desired value in range from 40°C to 100°C. The steel finish of our kettle makes it look good both in a modern kitchen and a minimalist one.

We recommend!

Gerlach GL 4219 Planetary food processor

If you are looking for kitchen equipment that will help you prepare dishes similar to those of professional chefs, look no further! The planetary food processor Gerlach GL 4219 is a device that will change your cooking style forever..

Camry CR 1183 Bluetooth Radio

he radio is an important piece of equipment in our collection of devices that could be used to emphasize the chosen interior style. We can buy them in terms of our preferences and the place where it will stand.


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