Camry CR 1146g Audio/Headphone Bluetooth

The CR 1146 headphones use Bluetooth technology for wireless connection with other devices such as computer, smartphones, or tablets. The built-in battery allows the headphones to operate for up to 11 hours without recharging. In the standby mode they will operate for up to 250 hours without recharging.

  • Bluetooth
  • FM radio
  • Equalizer
  • Possibility of calls receiving
  • Charging via USB
  • USB cord and 3,5 mm jack cord in set
  • Battery efficiency: calls - 11h
  • music: 11h
  • standby 250h
  • SD/TF card slot
  • line in 3,5 mm
  • foldable
  • color: green

Wireless technology

Wireless headphones are a great solution for all the situations when the presence of a connection cable would be problematic. It is much more convenient to jog, cycle, or do any other sport without it. What is more is that you can take them almost everywhere. The fact that they are foldable makes it possible to carry them in your bag, or even in the pocket of your jacket so you can always have them on you no matter whether you are taking a walk or standing in a queue.

Music, recordings, phone calls

The CR1146 Bluetooth headphones are great for everyday use. They allow you to listen to your favourite music, audiobooks, or podcasts from an external device. Thanks to the built-in antenna you can also listen to the radio. You can also answer phone calls using the headphones. Apart from that the CR 1146 model is highly appreciated by those who like to watch TV without disturbing other people at home. 

Greater possibilities

The set includes a mini-jack cable so that the headphones can be connected to devices that do not use Bluetooth technology. You can also use the SD/TF memory card slot, as well as the USB port which is normally used for connecting the charger.

  • Manual
Product availability dostępny
EAN code 5908256839397
Net weight kg 0.32
Gross weight kg 0.44
Size of the unit box WxDxH 0 x 0 x 0
Carton dimensions WxDxH 34.3 x 20 x 41
Number of products in a carton 8
Number of products in a pallet 384
KGO 0.06

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