Camry CR 6414 Slow cooker 4,7L LED

We recommend the CAMRY CR 6414 slow cooker, which will change your daily meal preparation and make the time spent planning dinners really enjoyable! The slow cooker has a capacity of 4.7 liters, which allows you to prepare up to 8 portions of your favorite dish. The device has a bright LED display that counts down the time until the end of cooking.

We recommend!

Adler AD 4449w Electric Salt and Pepper Grinder

The 3-in-1 spice grinder set started with your convenience in mind, the AD 4449 electric grinder is convenient and simple to connect. The base is equipped with a LED diode, the capacity of one grinder is up to 150 ml. The device has a battery.

Adler AD 3062 Waffle bowl maker

Whether you have a sweet tooth or prefer refined flavors, Adler 3062 is right for you. Thanks to its unique properties, you can prepare unique waffle bowls that will perfectly highlight any type of dish. Immerse yourself in culinary inspirations and create unique dishes that will be remembered by your loved ones.


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