Adler AD 4508 Electric Knife Sharpener


Adler AD 4508, an innovative electric knife sharpener that will bring your knives back to their perfect sharpness in just a few seconds. Whether your a professional chef or a home cooking enthusiast, this sharpener will become an essential tool in your kitchen. The Adler AD 4508 is more than just a sharpener - its a professional tool that will ensure your knives stay sharp for longer. With it, meal preparation becomes easier, faster, and more enjoyable.

Key Features:

  • Fast and Easy Sharpening: With the Adler AD 4508, restoring sharpness to your knives is quick and hassle-free. The sharpening process does not require specialized knowledge or skills, making it ideal for any user.

  • 2-Stage System: Our sharpener features an advanced two-stage system that first sharpens your knife's blade and then polishes it, ensuring smoothness and cutting precision. It's the perfect solution for rejuvenating and maintaining the sharpness of all your knives.

  • Optimal Angle Guides: The Adler AD 4508 is equipped with angle guides that ensure the optimal sharpening angle for every type of knife. This not only makes the sharpening process effective but also safe for the blade.

  • No Metal Shavings Thanks to Built-in Magnet: The innovative design with a built-in magnet prevents metal shavings from forming during sharpening, keeping your workspace clean.

  • Strong, Non-slip Feet: Ensure stability and safety during use. With this feature, you can be sure that the sharpener will stay in place, even when sharpening the hardest knives.

  • Maximum Power: 60 W: A 60 W motor provides enough power for quick and efficient sharpening of even the most dulled knives, without the risk of damaging the blade.

EAN: 5905575902368 SKU: ad_4508

  • Electric Knife Sharpener
  • Quick and easy sharpening
  • Silent work cycle
  • 2-stage system – sharpens and then hones blades
  • Optimal sharpening angle guides
  • No shavings thanks to the magnet built inside.
  • Strong non-slip feet
  • Max power: 60 W
  • Nominal power: 40 W
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SKU ad_4508
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