Adler AD 4620 Hand blender - set


The AD 4620 hand blender is an excellent choice for people who appreciate easy ways to prepare healthy food in a short time. The device can be used as a traditional hand blender and a blender with a chopper at the same time. The blender is equipped with a chopper container:500 ml, a measuring container: 700 ml and a stainless steel blender attachment. In addition, the blender will work in a traditional kitchen, allowing you to mash and easily prepare all kinds of mousses, cream soups, pancake dough and other dishes that require a similar consistency.

EAN: 5903887800051 SKU: ad_4620

  • 2 speeds settings
  • Stainless steel blades
  • Set includes:
    - Chopper: 500ml
    - Beaker: 700ml
    - Stainless steel foot
    - Stainless steel whisk
  • Power cord length: 1m
  • Max power: 800W
  • Nominal power: 500W
  • Power supply: 220-240V~, 50/60Hz
  • Plug type: C

One of the basic tools in the kitchen that makes cooking easier is certainly a blender. It is a quick way to prepare a soup in the form of cream, sauces, marinades, smoothies, or cake creams. Especially if we own a device such as a hand blender ADLER AD 4620. Thanks to it, we can easily and quickly serve our favourite dishes, save time, and include healthy food in the diet much easier.

How do I choose a good blender?

First, you should consider what you need it for. If you are looking for equipment that you intend to use often, because you want to use it to prepare numerous types of dishes, it is best to choose a set with various accessories and a container in which you can mix the products. The high quality of execution is also important, thanks to which the device will serve longer. Therefore, it is worth investing in this model we propose, which is characterised by modern design and multifunctionality. You can choose one of two speeds, thanks to which we can use it to mix our favourite fruits or vegetables, but also beat the eggs into a cake or cream. The stainless-steel blades withstand contact with harder products and fruit with the skin, so we can use all the nutrients hidden under it in the dish.

A set of accessories and the power of the device

When deciding to buy a blender, the power of its motor is also especially important. Ours is distinguished by a maximum power of 800 W, thanks to which you can quickly mix even more products. We recommend it primarily to people who like culinary experiments and will use it often. A range of accessories deserves a special mention: a container with a chopper with a capacity of 500 ml, in which you will prepare the base of the sauce or chopped garlic and onion, a container with a measure of 700 ml, in which you will prepare your favourite cocktail or batter for pancakes, and a mixing attachment and beater with a steel foot. The materials used in the production are durable and safe in contact with food. They are easy to keep clean and stored in a kitchen cupboard. It is a device that will make you spend less time in the kitchen, and you will enjoy delicious dishes.

  • Chopper: 500ml
  • Beaker: 700ml
  • Stainless steel foot
  • Stainless steel whisk
  • Instruction manual
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