Adler AD 6010 Oven electric 45 L

High-quality electric oven with a grill rack and a baking tray. It allows to prepare roasted meat, bake cakes and prepare other dishes that require high temperatures. The oven allows you to choose the heating mode: from the bottom, from the top or at the same time from the bottom and from the top. Heating elements were made of a resistant stainless steel what makes them durable and reliable. Thanks to a timer the user is informed when a certain time passes. Therefore it is much less probable that you would burn your dish. The electric oven AD 6010 has a grand capacity of 45l that allows to prepare big portions of food or to prepare two different products at the same time.

  • Capactity 45 L
  • Power 2000W
  • Temperature adjustment 90 – 230oC
  • Stainless steel heating elements
  • 3 heating modes:
  • heated bottom
  • heated top
  • heated both top and bottom

The ADLER 6010 electric oven is a device for people who are looking for innovative and functional solutions. A professional oven with a large capacity of 45 litres will facilitate the preparation of dishes at home, outside or in a small gastronomy. It is also an interesting solution for an apartment in which there is no space for other, e.g. gas ovens. With this device, you can easily bake meat, cakes or bread.

Innovative solution

What distinguishes this product on the market are innovative solutions and high-quality workmanship hidden in the small size of the device. It will certainly satisfy the needs of the most demanding customers! The oven is equipped with air circulation and four heating elements made of stainless steel, which will last for many years. Thanks to them you can choose a heating method: bottom, top, bottom and top, which will allow you to prepare the most demanding dishes. In addition, when using it, you can set the timer (60 minutes) and you do not have to constantly watch the baking process. The end of burning the dishes! It is called convenience! Separate knobs for each function placed in a visible place facilitate the proper setting of the device. The temperature control knob allows baking in 90-230 degrees! That is why you can easily bake everything you want!

Durability and reliability

The maximum power of the device is 2000 W. Small sizes 56.6 x 35.5 x 40.5 cm will allow you to use the oven even in a small kitchen! Heating elements are made of durable stainless steel, so they will certainly serve many years! As the product has been designed for multitasking, the set includes grill rack, rotisserie, baking tray, tong for grill rack/baking tray. Thanks to them, you can prepare any dish that comes to your mind! Roasted chicken, grilled vegetables or aromatic cake? Now, this is not a problem! Thanks to the large capacity, you can bake two types of dishes at the same time! Roast meat with baked vegetables? All you have to do is put them in separate roasting pans and prepare the two elements of the dinner during the same time! Cleaning the oven is also not complicated! Just clean it with a damp cloth and wipe it dry. The tray and grate can be washed in water with the addition of dishwashing liquid. Clean the glass door with a sponge and wipe it dry! We highly recommend it!

  • Manual
Product availability available in 39 week
UNIT EAN code 5908256832404
CN code 85166090
UNIT Net weight kg 9.57
UNIT Gross weight kg 11.79
UNIT Size of the box WxDxH 45.5 x 62 x 40.5
UNIT BOX volume (m3) 0.114251
CTN Gross weight kg 11.79
CTN dimensions WxDxH 45.5 x 62 x 40.5
CTN volume (m3) 0.114251
QTY in container 20' / 40' / 40'HQ 228 / 228 / 569
Recycling type 4
Battery type
Battery quantity pcs.
One battery weight
Packaging Cardboard kg 2.009
Packaging Plastic kg 0.153
Manual weight kg 0.059

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