Adler AD 8078 Portable cooler 28 L


Created for travelers who appreciate cooling drinks even while camping. The large cooling compartment holds up to 28 liters. The refrigerator is closed with convenient latches. Thanks to the special thermal insulation of the housing, it can maintain the temperature in the cooling chamber. The user can connect it to both the 230 V mains (for 55 W cooling power) and the 12 V car cigarette lighter socket (45 W power). For ease of use, a handle has been installed that can be hidden in the refrigerator lid. After closing, the refrigerator becomes a comfortable suitcase, both aesthetic and comfortable to carry.

EAN: 5902934839860 SKU: ad_8078

  • Capacity 28 L
  • Cooling system: Peltier cell
  • 2 functions: cool and warm
  • Power selector: DC 12V / AC 220-2400V
  • Low power consumption mode
  • Special C5H10 cyclopentane insulation
  • Wall insulation thickness 20-25mm
  • Constant temperature in the cooling chamber 16-20°C lower / higher than ambient
  • Aesthetic performance
  • Convenient, hinged lid that can be detachbled
  • Comfortable handle
  • Climate class SN/N
  • Cables for connecting the cooler to the DC 12V cigarette lighter socket in the car and to the AC 220-240V socket included
  • AC 220-240V ~ 50/60Hz power supply: Heating power 50W / Cooling 55W
  • DC 12V power supply: Heating power 40W / cooling 45W
  • Noise level: 55dB
  • External dimensions: 43,5 cm x 39,6 x 29,7 cm
  • Internal dimensions: 35.2 (high) x 23,0 bottom / 24,8 top (length) x 32,0 bottom / 33,8 top (width)
  • Efficiency:
  • • For optimal cooling performance, pre-chilled food should be placed in the cooler. The cooling time of previously uncooled products is 2-3 hours.
  • • The heating function makes it possible to maintain the temperature of previously heated products longer (the cooler is not used to heat cold products).
  • • Appropriate use of the device enables maintaining proper temperature of products for several hours.
  • Plug type: Car / C

Access to chilled drinks and the ability to take your favorite foods with you can make each closer or further trip pleasant. Regardless of whether we are going for a short picnic or a trip close to our residence, going for a weekend full of attractions, or a week of holidays, it is worth buying a portable cooler ADLER AD 8078. It is a perfect product for every travel enthusiast.

Large capacity and practical solutions

This type of cooler is an essential piece of equipment that will make every drive and trip pleasant. If we like to organize family trips outside the city, we often go on business trips and we cannot imagine the drive without our favorite drink or food, it is worth considering buying a portable cooler. In summer, the possibility of drinking cold water, a soda drink or tea, and the option of hiding food from high temperatures is worth its weight in gold. The capacity of 28 liters allows you to take with you more food for even a few people. A Peltier cell is used for cooling, which, thanks to its high durability and simple structure, is very often used in this type of cooling device. This is because it facilitates temperature control in the cooling chamber, regardless of the current-voltage. This is important because the set includes both a cable to connect the cooler to the cigarette lighter socket and a traditional socket. The thickness of the insulation inside the walls is 20-25 mm, which, combined with the special C5H10 cyclopentane insulation, allows you to maintain the selected temperature even for several hours.

Innovative features

To obtain the best effect, it is worth putting the previously cooled products into the cooler. So, it is better to leave them overnight in a home refrigerator and put them in a cooler just before leaving. However, what distinguishes our product from similar ones on the market is the combination of the cooling function with the heating function, which allows you to maintain a higher temperature of cooked dishes. The device will not heat the food, but it will keep your favorite soup or the main course warm longer. The constant temperature inside the device is about 16-20 degrees Celsius, more or less than the outside temperature (on average from -20 to +20 degrees). Thanks to this, the cooler will be useful even during trips in autumn or winter. It is a product that is applicable all year round. This is a big saving! Aesthetic design and solutions such as a removable cover and a comfortable handle will make us happy to take this fridge for every trip.

  • User Manual
  • Power cord with plug for car socket
  • Power cord with 220-240V mains plug
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CTN Gross weight kg 5.40
CTN dimensions WxDxH 42 x 32 x 45
CTN volume (m3) 0.060480
QTY in container 20' / 40' / 40'HQ 492 / 492 / 1231
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