Camry CR 6606 Grill raclette

The modern Raclette CR 6606 grill of 1200W power is a perfect choice when you need to prepare hot snacks for a couple of people. It allows you to grill your favourite meet and prepare roasted cheese snacks at the same time.

EAN: 5908256835320 SKU: cr_6606

  • Raclette - electric grill
  • On the device you will grill:
  • - meat: slices of bacon, beef and pork neck, chicken breast, chicken liver
  • - vegetables: zucchini, peppers, mushrooms
  • - dishes: burgers, skewers, sausages, black pudding and others
  • On the pans you will cook:
  • - a mini omelette
  • - egg baked with mushrooms
  • - peppers and mushrooms covered with brie cheese, mozzarella and others
  • Completely removable heating plate for easy cleaning
  • Heating plate and pans covered with non-stick coating
  • Heating plate diameter 25,0 cm
  • 6 small pans with non-heating handles
  • Stable construction
  • Non-slip feet
  • Simple cleaning
  • Power cord: 70cm, black
  • Color: black
  • Plug Type: E/F
  • Product dimensions: 25,0 x 25,8 x 11.3 cm
  • Maximum power: 1200W
  • Nominal power: 800W
  • Power supply: 220-240V ~50/60Hz

Raclette – the great cheese

There was a time when men in Switzerland used to prepare raclette – a type of traditional cheese – on little pans kept right above the fire. Delicious cheese meal thrilled the Europeans but was hard to prepare due to the risk of burns. Today, thanks to a high power electric grill, we can safely follow the footsteps of the Swiss. The CR 6606 Raclette is grill is equipped with 6 anti-stick raclette pans with cool-touch hands. Thanks to them each of your guests can prepare the snack with accompaniments of their own choice.

Traditional grill

The top of the CR 6606 is a classic electric grill. Its surface prevents the food from sticking to it, distributes the heat quickly and maintains the temperature. All of those features allow you to grill aromatic steaks as well as well-seasoned vegetables. Finally, you can use this robust grill to simply heat the ready-made meals, including those in pans.

Comfort and safety

The Raclette Grill has been designed for maximum user-friendliness. The pans can be easily placed in the oven but the construction of the CR6606 prevents them from falling over or being accidentally taken out. The handles of both grill and pans remain cool even when the grill is working at full power. After turning the device off and leaving it to cool down you can easily dismantle and clean the grill. The non-stick surface is there to guarantee that you will not have any troubles with that.

Do not let the delicious raclette cheese and bacon strips wait too long.

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