Adler AD 7860 Thermo-electric dehumidifier

EAN: 5903887808507 SKU: ad_7860

  • Thermo-electric dehumidifier
  • Technology: Peltier cell
  • The LED display shows the humidity present in the room in three colors:
  • - red: greater or equal 80% relative humidity RH
  • - green: when the humidity is in the range 71-79%
  • - blue: when the humidity is less than or equal 70%
  • Room humidity sensor
  • Full water tank sensor
  • Automatic shutdown when the tank is full
  • 3 working modes:
  • - automatic AUTO
  • - continuous operation / drying CNT
  • - sleep
  • 150cm pipe for draining water in continuous operation, included
  • Efficiency 500ml/24h
  • Fan airflow: 40m3/h
  • Working area up to 30m3 - perfect for the bathroom
  • Quiet work
  • It prevents the growth of mold, eliminates unpleasant odors from the air
  • 1000ml water tank
  • Sound signaling
  • Durable housing made of ABS plastic
  • 170cm power cord
  • Compact size 20.5x11.5x31cm
  • Power 90W
  • Max power 150W
  • Noise level 35dB(A)
  • Power supply 220-240V ~50Hz
  • Device weight: 2.08 kg
  • Plug type: C 16A/250V~

Want to improve the air quality in your home? Does humidity make it difficult for you to breathe? We recommend buying the thermo-electric dehumidifier ADLER AD 7860. It is a device that is not only functional but also interestingly designed. By choosing this model, you will take care of the comfort of staying in your home and the health of your family members.

Thermo-electric dehumidifier - important information

Humidity in the apartment affects our well-being, and health, as well as the technical condition and construction of the building. It causes the growth of fungus, which is especially harmful to people who suffer from respiratory diseases and allergies. Before humid air turns into a bigger problem, it is worth reacting early enough. One solution is to buy a dehumidifier. It will work in the bathroom, bedroom or kitchen. The device uses technology based on the Peltier cell, which guarantees efficient and long-term operation and satisfactory results.

The device has a humidity sensor. It has one signalling that the tank is full too. It automatically turns it off when necessary. It makes its use intuitive and safe even at night. The LED informs about the current level of humidity in the room, which allows you to set the device. Just follow the changing colours: red (means humidity equal to or greater than 80%), green (71-78%) and blue (humidity less than or equal to 70%).

Technical parameters of the dehumidifier

This model has three operating modes (automatic, continuous operation/drying and sleep) and two fan speeds. The 1000 ml water tank allows it to work for a long time. The advantage is also the efficiency of 500 ml/24 H and the fan efficiency of 40 m3/H. The operating range is about 30 m3, so it is worth placing it even in a small bathroom.

The device works quietly - the noise level is about 35 dB, so you can put it even in a child's bedroom. Sound signalling informs about the work of the dehumidifier, the power cord with a length of 170 cm and the low weight of the equipment makes it easy to move and change the location. The elegant appearance, shape and bright colour make it not stand out from other equipment and does not disturb the arrangement of the interior in which it stands.

  • Instruction manual
  • 150cm pipe for draining water in continuous operation
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SKU ad_7860
UNIT EAN code 5903887808507
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CN code 85098000
UNIT Net weight kg 2.08
UNIT Gross weight kg 2.80
UNIT Size of the box WxDxH 25 x 15 x 34.5
UNIT BOX volume (m3) 0.012938
CTN Gross weight kg 16.80
CTN dimensions WxDxH 51 x 47 x 37
CTN volume (m3) 0.088689
QTY in container 20' / 40' / 40'HQ 2010 / 2010 / 5024
Recycling type 5
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